Commercial Service 24 Hours a day 7 days a week (585) 621-7325 Industrial,Commercial & Residential                                 (585) 621-7325 Rochester’s Leading Driveway Sealing Service 24 Hours A Day Our Driveway Sealing Service Coal tar Driveway Sealer has a great advantage over asphalt Sealer in that Coal tar Driveway Sealer holds up under exposures to petroleum oils and inorganic acids. Another outstanding quality of Coal Tar Driveway Sealer is their extremely low permeability to moisture and there high dielectric resistance, both of which contribute to its ability to hold up under harsh Rochester weather. Why We Use Coal Tar Emulsion Driveway Sealer?  Allot of companies use asphalt sealer as it is the cheaper alternative but also is a thinner sealer and be aware that Asphalt sealer will not protect your driveway from gas or oil. These petroleum products will eat the binder that holds the driveway together. We have links under education center on this page to help you understand the different type of driveway sealer’s that are available. One other thing that you may hear is companies water down there sealer. This is a common practice for sealing companies to save money on material. One way to avoid this is ask about a warranty You should always get a two year warranty on you sealer. A good coal tar sealer should last two years and the company applying this Driveway Sealers Should have no problem warranting it for that time if they are use the proper dilution rate. Custom Sealing & Pressure Washing offers a full range of services that can help you double the life of your Asphalt Driveway and address small problems before they become larger and more costly ones.  EDUCATION CENTER Custom Driveway Sealing Sealcoating What You Should Know About Driveway Sealer Best Methods For Applying Sealer  Squeegee Application Protection rating  - Fair  Pros:  Does not require expensive equipment. Uses more sealer than Roller Sealing, Better surface coating, doesn’t travel. Cons: Consider how a squeegee works on your car window; you put a lot of window cleaner on but you scrape most off it back off with the squeegee. The same principle is true for driveway sealer. Natural Brush Application Protection rating - Excellent Pros: Specialized Natural bristle brushes is by far the Best method of sealing Asphalt. The brushes spread a large volume of sealer evenly over the surface. The bristles are long and soft so they leave a vary thick coat of sealer behind while working the sealer deep into the pours.  Another benefit is better control of the material for cleaner job. Con:  None Synthetic Brush Application Protection rating - Good   Pros: Synthetic brushes is by far better than the squeegee method The brushes spread a large volume of sealer evenly over the surface. The bristles of the brush work the sealer deep into the pours. Cons: Bristles on brushes are stiff and don’t leave as much sealer behind as Natural Bristle Brushes. they also have a tendency of leaving brush marks on the driveway if the applicator using the brush is not experienced At Custom Sealing & Pressure Washing Our Coal-Tar Emulation Sealer is hand-applied using specialized natural bristle brushes. All are Driveway Sealing Rigs are state of the art and pump sealer through a hose to your driveway. This eliminates the need to fill and caring messy buckets around your property. We also edge and clean all areas of the Driveway before applying your sealer. All our crew members have a been with us two year or more. This translates to better service to our customers as we are not constantly re-training seasonal help. Nothing! is more important to use than your complete and total satisfaction of our work. Webster, Pittsford, Penfield, Mendon, Brighton, Chili, Gates, Greece, Hamlin, Henrietta, Irondequoit, Ogden, Parma, Perinton, Rush Canandaigua, Bristol, East Bloomfield, Victor, West Bloomfield, Bloomfield, Victor Driveway Sealing Rochester, NY Sealing Asphalt Sealing Rochester New York and Driveway sealing services offering cleaning and sealcoating of commercial and residential properties. Your Industry leading mobile sealing contractor Service Area