Commercial Service 24 Hours a day 7 days a week (585) 621-7325 (585) 621-7325 24 Hours A Day Crack sealing alone is the most important asphalt maintenance service needed to prolong the life expectancy of your Driveway. Any cracks ¼ inch or bigger are allowing water to penetrate the sub-base foundation that lies underneath the asphalt. During the colder months, water in the cracks goes through an expansion process as it freezes. This expansion causes cracks to widen, which leads to increased surface cracking. EDUCATION CENTER How  Necessary Is Crack Repair? Sealcoating In the warmer months, rain penetrates the cracks and forces itself downward, which causes a deterioration of the stone underneath the Driveway. This deterioration leads to cracking of the asphalt, the only way to prevent further cracking is to apply tar to the existing cracks. Custom Driveway Sealing By filling the cracks in the asphalt with cold or hot pour crack fill, water no longer can penetrate the crack.